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SimpleIPC and Docs

Download your free evaluation copy of SimpleIPC /
Messaging Peer For PHP

Product and documentation:

SimpleIPC provides you with a robust application infrastructure for building fault-tolerant applications. Run risky operations in an expendable container process and protect your main application process. Take the worry out of deploying and supporting your application and concentrate on your functionality. Download a 30 day evaluation version of SimpleIPC and see how straightforward it is to maximize application up-time.

SimpleIPC 1.0 (1.6MB)

SimpleIPC Documentation
The SimpleIPC User Guide provides detailed explanations of all features of the product and APIs. The guide includes step-by-step instructions for configuration, deployment, and server monitoring. The guide also includes a generous volume of sample code as well as step-by-step practical exercises for coding applications that perform simple tasks like connecting to databases, through intermediate tasks like exposing an application to the network via web services. The documentation is a must-have companion to the product.

SimpleIPC 1.0 Documentation (3.3MB)

SimpleIPC Express
SimpleIPC Express is the free version of the SimpleIPC product. It provides the majority of the features found in the full SimpleIPC installation, and is suitable for many implementation scenarios.

SimpleIPC Express 1.0 (1.45MB)

Messaging Peer For PHP
The Messaging Peer For PHP allows developers to host PHP web applications on public Linux servers which invoke web application code hosted on private Windows machines. The Messaging Peer is a companion product to SimpleIPC or SimpleIPC Express. SimpleIPC or SimpleIPC Express must be installed prior to installing the Messaging Peer. The web application code on the Windows server to be called from the Linux server must be registered with SimpleIPC.

Messaging Peer For PHP 1.0 (1.02MB)

Messaging Peer For PHP 1.0 Documentation
The Messaging Peer For PHP User Guide provides detailed explanations and instructions on installing, deploying and configuring the Messaging Peer infrastructure. It also specifies the relevant APIs and provides coding examples for exchanging requests and responses between the Linux server and the Windows machine. The documentation is a must-have companion to the product.

Messaging Peer For PHP 1.0 Documentation (0.75MB)

Registry Patch For 64 bit OS
The installers for SimpleIPC and the Messaging Peer do not yet fully support 64 bit operating systems. If you are running a 64-bit version of the Windows operating system, please download and unzip the registry fix file and double-click on it to apply the registry entries that would have otherwise been applied by the installer. The registry fix file assumes the default installer settings, so please review the contents of the file before executing it.

Registry Patch For 64 bit OS (1KB)
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